Barry Dabb - New Zealand Artist.

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victorias garden

Victoria's Garden From 2009 and after successive visits to Rarotonga in 2012 and 2013 Barry has continued to develop this suite of works from two different garden settings owned by the same family. ...more >


Garden Paintings - Atiu Returning to Rarotonga in 2009 Barry travelled north to the island of Atiu, a raised coral atoll with a remarkable history ...more >


Pin-ups These six small works are all produced to a standard size. The original figures are reproduced from a 1960s womens top purchased from a retro shop ...more >

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Under Va'ea Produced throughout 2008 the series titled Under Va'ea refers directly to Mount Va'ea on the Samoan mainland of Upolo ...more >

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Postcards from Vila Here the original photographs are cropped and combined to create double or multiple images in the manner of postcards, ...more >

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The Rarotongan Garden Paintings The Rarotongan Garden Paintings first began in 1998 after a family visit to the Cook Islands. ...more >

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Sequel In 1999 Barry was given a tea chest of artists' materials and equipment that had belonged to his wife's late grandfather, a Dutch immigrant ...more >

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Recent Histories The watercolour paintings that form the Recent Histories series are from a larger group of works begun in 1993 ...more >

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The Heritage Series Released from the duties of Tertiary teaching for a sabbatical of six weeks in 1989, Barry produced the five large works ...more >

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